Michael Hanley Horse Video Leak on Twitter – Check It Out !

Michael Hanley Horse Video The reappearance of a disturbing video of a horse on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, showing a man being ridden by the animal has shocked netizens.

The video made netizens sick because many thought it was reminiscent of the Enumclaw case or the Mr Hands case, where a man died after being hit by a horse in 2005.

As the video spread online, people began to speculate about the identity of the man riding the horse.

Some people believe that the man’s name is Michael Hanley because the clip depicting the bestiality scene has two lines: “Michael Hanley left his phone in the bar, see what he did” and “Always save your password on your phone” shows that he left his phone behind. phone . unsupervised. The video was later allegedly leaked by the person who found the device.

Soon after, the recording was unofficially named the Michael Hanley Horse video and was widely spread and searched on social networking platforms. When the video started circulating online, many people assumed it was Michael Hanley from Dublin.

However, please note that the identity of this person has not been confirmed as the Dublin man has a tattoo on his arm, while the person in the video does not.

People reactions to Michael Hanley Horse’s video:

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When the Michael Hanley Horse video spread online, many netizens were shocked and said that the video was reminiscent of the Enumclaw case, where a suspect was convicted of trespassing on the Enumclaw farm, where a man was injured heavy when having sex with a horse. year 2005. .