What Happened To 'Inquisitor Ghost' On TikTok Live And Are The Allegations Against Him True? The 'Call Of Duty' Cosplayer's Alleged Suicide Explained


A prominent Call of Duty cosplayer and TikToker, Inquisitor Ghost (known for his Ghost cosplay) has purportedly taken his own life on TikTok LIVE after being accused of inappropriately messaging his 17-year-old former editor.

The tragic event has resulted in widespread mourning across the community this week, along with calls for justice as the validity of the allegations comes further into question. So, are the accusations true? Here's what you need to know about the ongoing controversy.

Who Is 'Inquisitor Ghost?'

Inquisitor Ghost, or @inquisitore3 on TikTok, is a 23-year-old Italian Ghost cosplayer with over 100,000 followers. His content largely consists of TikTok trends, lip dubs and lighthearted thirst traps. Inquisitor is only one of a wide range of Ghost cosplayers and is particularly known for his videos featuring a red lightsaber.

What Are The Allegations Made Against Inquisitor Ghost?

On or around September 20th, 2023, a number of screenshots were sent to the moderators of a Discord community containing Inquisitor Ghost and other Call of Duty cosplayers. The screenshots show an alleged conversation from March 2023 between Inquisitor and 17-year-old "AJ," his former video editor.

In the DMs, Inquisitor says things like "love you" and that he wants to "marry" AJ, which she supposedly took as predatory behavior. Another DM shows Inquisitor purportedly saying he is not interested in AJ because of her age and distance from him.

It is also worth noting that the age of consent in Italy is 14 and the age gap between Inquisitor and AJ is six years, AJ being 17 and Inquisitor being 23. AJ is not from Italy, but her nationality is unconfirmed.

One moderator, Jay, sent the screenshots to Inquisitor that September and Inquisitor denied being predatory, suggesting he only said those things to be nice because she edited so much for him. He suggests she's trying to frame him because she's angry that Inquisitor stopped talking with her after hearing problematic things about her.

Inquisitor even confronted AJ, who also goes by "TEQUILA" on Discord, about the allegations, resulting in her denying ever calling him a predator, despite him having supposed proof of a message sent from her account calling him one.