Ex-Miami star Haley Cavinder irate after getting catcalled: 'It’s embarrassing'

 Haley Cavinder is done with college basketball and the catcalls.

The former Miami Hurricanes guard, who is among the most popular TikTok influencers in the NCAA, was irate Wednesday after she said she got catcalled while on a walk in Florida.

One-half of the Cavinder twins tandem was in workout clothes early in the morning when she explained what happened on her shared Instagram account.

"I just need to address this because this has happened way too much," she said. "So, I’m currently walking. It’s like 8 a.m. No, 9:20 a.m. And I just like don’t understand why males think it’s OK to make females feel uncomfortable.

"Like, if you’re gonna sit there and catcall and say whatever you think you want to a female. Like, why do you think you have that authority? I’m literally so fed up with it. Some of these men have wedding rings on. Like, wedding rings on, they’re saluting. What are you doing? It’s embarrassing. I would look at them and be like what’re you doing.

"Like, I’m so done with it."

She cautioned her female following to "stay safe out there."

"Never let males feel like they have this sense of authority over you. It’s disturbing. Sometimes I’m like, how? Wow," she added.

Cavinder posted her rant on the joint account she shares with her sister, Hanna. The two have 239,000 followers on Instagram. The twins have 4.5 million followers on TikTok.

The Cavinders said they would not pursue another year of eligibility in college basketball. The two signed an NIL deal with WWE and appear to have eyes for the squared circle.